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When travelllng to different cities I always try and see if there is anything new and exciting to offer in our beautiful city of Naples, Florida. While visiting Toronto, Ontario with my girlfriend and our good friend I wanted to check out a couple activities. I was reading online about this bicycle tour offered in the downtown area but I was a little hesitant given my lack of physical shape and also traffic in the downtown core. However, as I was looking for new ideas I thought why not and we decided to give it a try! When we arrived I was impressed on how nice the bikes were and also the amazing attitude the tour guide had. Once we started on the tour I found the bikes we were on to feel effortless to ride and our tour guide to be so knowledgeable that I was really enjoying my time. While I was on the tour I thought it would be a great idea to bring to Florida, but once I finished the tour I was actually really sold on the concept. I loved the bikes and knew with our tourism background and love for what we do in Southwest Florida we could truly bring something special home & that’s how it all started. We now offer tours & rentals 7 days a week in Naples & Marco Island, Florida. Our entire fleet of bicycles are made by Specialized which are a top brand in the industry. They are effortless and incredibly comfortable to ride. So whether you join us for a tour or a rental, you will have the best equipment and the best staff to make your time enjoyable! Being a small family business we appreciated your support and look forward to having you join us or seeing you back again.

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